March 2017

Welcome to everyone joining us here at St Matt’s for our monthly Celebration!

We hope you will find us welcoming and will enjoy our fellowship as we: drink coffee; sing songs of praise to God; remember all that Jesus has done for us as we partake in Holy Communion; discuss our bible reading; pray; and then finally share a meal together. 

So sit back and relax, take your time to get to know each other better and enjoy all that God is doing amongst us!

Today we will be discussing the “Temptation of Jesus” from Luke 4:1-11. Right from the outset, the test for Jesus was whether he would follow the will of the Father, no matter what. We will note that the enemy does everything he knows how to turn Jesus away from this fundamental obedience, which marks a true child of God. 

It is a path marked with humility, suffering and sacrifice and it is a path, I’m “proud” to say, is one we are well acquainted with at St Matt’s. When I think of you I will always remember you as followers of Jesus who were willing to put the Lord’s will first and think of others more highly than yourselves.

For it is with a mixture of sadness and relief that I tell you that finally I have been offered a new job! The congregation at Emmanuel Uniting Church, Enoggera, Brisbane have invited me to become their new Ministry Team Leader which I have accepted gladly and with some considerable measure of excitement yet also the grief of having to leave you wonderful folk as well as family, friends & Julie’s employment.

I will finish working at St Matt’s at the end of April with a farewell being arranged for 23rd April. A Locum Vicar will be appointed for the interim period between my leaving and any future arrangements for ministry, which as you know, are being explored by the Parish Council, City on a Hill and the Diocese.

In the meantime, let’s Worship well together, let’s be extended Family on Mission, and let’s seek out our People of Peace!

God bless,   Ian.