August 2016

A very warm welcome to everyone worshipping with us today at St Matt’s at our monthly Celebration service. What are we celebrating?

  • That God loves us.
  • That He sent Jesus to show that love.
  • That we are free from the power of sin over our lives.
  • That He is transforming us and our community.
  • That he has included us in His family
  • That everyone is welcome!

Especially this month we welcome (home!) Catherine & Tim Walker along with their children Will, Hannah & Adeline. . .

The Walker family have worked as CMS Missionaries in Rwanda for over 5 years. Tim is a doctor (a gastroenterologist), and in Rwanda he taught and practiced medicine. For the last few years he was in charge of the education program for Internal Medicine throughout the country. He loved getting alongside his Rwandan colleagues and seeing them grow from trainees in the program to practicing specialists throughout the country, overseas and even becoming his boss. It was a wonderful opportunity to model and encourage Christian leadership. As you might imagine, there are enormous challenges to caring for sick people in Rwanda, and doing so in a Godly and servant-hearted manner is a mission in itself, both for Tim and for his colleagues.

Catherine wore many hats in Rwanda: mother, Primary Teaching Consultant, preacher... Memorably, her time in Rwanda was woven with relationships with many people who simply came and knocked on the gate, asking for help. Getting to know their incredibly moving stories, spending time with them, praying for them and helping them practically as she was able was the role that she found the most challenging and rewarding in Rwanda. 

The Walkers are looking forward to sharing stories with you about their mission in Rwanda. They thank you for your prayers and support throughout the years there.

Many of the skills that the Walkers needed in Rwanda are similar to the ones we need as we seek to transform our own community. We are, as we’ve said before, sort of like Local Missionaries.

When Jesus sent his disciples out 2 x 2 to do gospel work, he told them to find a "person of peace" (Luke 10:6). I've found that a "person of peace" is someone who: likes you, listens to you & serves (or helps) you.

Is there someone like that in your life? PRAY that God will show us each who our People of Peace are and that we will find ways of honouring them by sharing something of the Good News with them.

Is a servant of the King, or the servant of a Child of the King, in the Kingdom? PRAY for an opportunity to demonstrate this week that your people of Peace are welcome and included in the Kingdom.

God bless,    Ian.