April 2016

Welcome everyone to our first ever Monthly Celebration at 5pm! A special welcome to our part-time Locum, Rev Steve Copland, (currently serving as Assistant Curate at Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads), who is a great friend of St Matt’s and our model of church.

Now that City on a Hill, Geelong has taken responsibility for morning worship, each Sunday at 10:30am, we have the freedom to concentrate even further on developing our Missional Communities model. The timing is bad for me, due to annual leave, but I assure you I am with you in spirit and I can’t wait to join you properly on my return!

Because we are only gathering together formally once a month, it is vital that as many of us as possible commit to coming ourselves and keep inviting others to join us. And it will be an event worth coming to. I think we all agree now that our formula of: coffee & cake; communion; songs; bible discussion; open prayers and meal are totally worth coming to be part of. But please do make a priority to come especially to this Celebration on the first Sunday of each month!

We call it a “Celebration” because it is the time when we recall everything God has done for us in Jesus, and everything Jesus is doing amongst us in our Missional Communities and everyday life. Come ready to luxuriate in the presence of God and his people. We should be prepared to take some serious time over this – maybe allow 2 ½ to 3 hours! (Think: “family get-together”)

Of course we will see each other plenty of other times: on mission Mon-Sat at Seniors, Tate Street, Op-Shop & Playgroup; at City on a Hill services; in our Missional Communities, etc. We all know in theory that the church is far more than when we gather for a service – let’s prove that to be true in our commitment to each other.

And please do also make every effort to welcome all the new folk we’ll be seeing around our buildings from City on a Hill (and of course any visitors). We are well known for our welcome – let this continue to be our hallmark as we minister together in the new, resurrection-life, mode of being St Matthew’s Church.

God bless, see you in a month,     Ian.