Christmas 2016

Welcome to Christmas! 

About two thousand years ago the hills around Bethlehem rang out with the sound of many angels singing their praises to God – because Jesus had been born. They were announcing Good News!

When I look at that statement again there’s so much that seems to contradict the worldview of so many of our friends and family: Angels! God! Jesus!

For me, the last one is the key – Jesus. Obviously to those who care, Jesus is the reason for Christmas. But he’s also the one on whom we can do the easiest investigation and of we’re honest we conclude that a baby who grew to be a man, called Jesus of Nazareth, lived two thousand years ago and was born in Bethlehem and died in Jerusalem about thirty years later.

Why is he Good News? Precisely because He is the key to true life. He shows us who God is, because when we carefully and honestly investigate his life, death and resurrection, we can be left with no other conclusion than that he is actually God Himself.

If we believe the bible about Jesus, then it begins to be easier to believe about some of the harder issues like angels and miracles – but both of those are meant as signs or messengers, pointers if you like, back to Jesus and understanding who he is.

If you’ve never done it before, this Christmas, investigate Jesus. Find out the truth and begin to live life that is full of Good News!