October 2016

Welcome to everyone joining us for our monthly Celebration service! I’ve really grown to love these gatherings as we get to: catch up with people we haven’t seen for a while; hear about what God’s been up to amongst us; worship in our own, unique style; learn more about what the Lord is calling to do and be; pray for his intervention in our lives and the issues of our world; and finish up with a satisfying meal - It’s New Testament church in the 21st century! 

And this is St Matthew’s Day (well, it’s when we’re celebrating it anyway) and so we will focus again on Matthew’s own call to discipleship, His report of Jesus’ call to all disciples to make more disciples, and therefore our own part of that call. How are we going as disciples ourselves and making new disciples?

The last month or so have been very unusual for me with only part-time employment but funnily enough the Lord doesn’t seem to be limited by that. There are always new ways to listen and learn from Him and to reach & care for His people. As things stand I am still looking for full-time employment and would appreciate your prayers for that. 

Tomorrow I am off on study leave for just over two weeks to Turkey & Greece following the “Footsteps of Paul”. (You may remember I did a similar pilgrimage called the “Footsteps of Jesus” in Israel 4 years ago). The focus of this trip is to consider how Paul made disciples in each different context he found himself. We start in Hatay and make our way to his home town of Tarsus and then westwards along the coast to various places like Lystra, Derbe & Iconium. We will eventually visit Ephesus, Corinth, Philippi, Thessaloniki & Athens.

In my absence, as usual, any pastoral matters can be taken up by Jeanenne Thomas and other issues in the first instance by the other Wardens, Chris Crook & Michael Sullivan.

I’ve been really enjoying City on a Hill’s series of Tough Questions – have you been lately? The sermons are first class! Did you know that their average attendance is up by approx 50 people per week since they started using our buildings? That is yet again something to really celebrate as we consider everything that God is calling us to.

God bless,   Ian.