Sunday 23rd August, 2015

Welcome to everyone worshipping with us today on our Tate Street Cluster Sunday. Today we will hear more about our involvement at our local Primary School and especially focus our prayers on the wellbeing of their whole community. If you would like to talk to someone about getting involved with the school, as a first port of call please see Lesley Spurr or me. (As a matter of course, anyone involved with the school will require a Working With Children Check).

The relationship we have with Tate Street Primary School may well be unique in Australia. I was encouraged to hear, via our Locum, Steve Brown, that when he spoke with the Principal, Terry Scott, he heard nothing but good reports. The key word was that Terry said he trusted us. This is something we have worked long and hard on. We are welcomed in the school by all the staff and other volunteers that know us. We are seen as part of their community and it is our goal to serve them without any strings attached.

Trust and respect are the first steps we have to earn in our society today. We can look to the Salvation Army as our inspiration – who, in Australian Society, doesn’t respect them? We have achieved this at the school (as we have at the Op-Shop and Playgroup) and it ensures that we keep a place in the community as a church who are known (and loved) for the way we represent God’s love to the world.

We are the clearest picture of God some people will see – before they meet Jesus. And if Christ is in us, then they actually see Jesus too. This is what being His ambassador is all about. Everything we say and do, the decisions we make and the way we live our lives are all signposts to Jesus, who is the way to God.

Let’s keep at it!

Meanwhile, St Matthew’s Day is coming up on Sunday 20th September. The Wardens and I would like to invite you all to our normal, 3rd Sunday Celebration Service to be followed by lunch, which will in turn be followed by a facilitated conversation about how we are travelling with our trial service structure. There will be opportunity for comments and questions and an honest review of where we are placed and what we are hoping to achieve. (This will be similar in nature to the one we had towards the end of last year when we first floated the idea). I hope you will make this a priority and you will be receiving a letter from me in this regard in the next week or so.

God bless,   Ian.