Sunday 16th August, 2015

Welcome to everyone joining us for our monthly celebration service at St Matt's. I love it when we can get together and sing songs of praise making a joyful noise to the Lord! Thank you in advance to our musicians for serving us in this way.

I should probably save this story for next week when we focus on Tate Street but when I was teaching SRI last Tuesday I asked the question, "Why do you think God gave us the Ten Commandments?" One answer went something like this: "God wanted us to know how to live well with Him and each other"!!!!

The previous week I went in to the Op-Shop bemoaning the fact that our Communion wine decanter had been broken and I was looking for a replacement. Quick as a flash one of the volunteers (who doesn’t normally go to church), offered the one we are using today.

During this last week Jeanenne Thomas started a Coffee & Bible Playgroup for some of the mums that are interested in finding our more about God and encouraging each other in their understanding of faith.

I tell you these stories to encourage you - as they encourage me. We are doing the work of the Kingdom and people are responding to it. I know that sometimes it feels, week to week, as though we are having no impact at all but that really is not the case. Sometimes all we need to do is just be Christians. Representing Jesus to others that we meet sometimes includes words and explanations but most often is simply lifestyle and actions.

Do we really care? Will we actually love? Does our faith ring true as experienced by others? Pray that it does! Pray that we "may live such good lives amongst the pagans, that they may see our good works and give glory to God".

God bless,   Ian.