Sunday 29th March, 2015.

Welcome to everyone worshipping with us today at St Matt's and to this our first Senior's-hosted service for 2015. We are glad to be hearing our magnificent pipe-organ played today and look forward to some great congregational singing to go with it!

Today also happens to be Palm Sunday. Although I won't be focussing on the historic occasion of Jesus entry into Jerusalem during my sermon, I can't help but remember the view from the top of the hill at Bethany from where Jesus would have ridden the donkey. In sight for him was not only the temple, which dominated the skyline of the city of Jerusalem, but also the very quarry which was used as the place of crucifixion where Jesus would give up his life for ours, by the end of the week. The point I can't escape is His determination, motivated by love, to move on into that greatest of spiritual trials. Would he continue on unwaveringly along the (literally) sacrificial path his heavenly father had called him to, or would he choose to save himself?

As we contemplate his wonderfully amazing choice this week, it's great that our men's prayer group have invited us to prayer each day, (Monday to Thursday), for two hours from 12-2pm. They will have the church open for anyone who would like to join them.

You may like to use the following resource:

§      Praise God for the work and blessing he has shown in your own life and the world in general

§      Confess the things you know you’ve done wrong  and ask God to reveal anything else in your life that needs dealing with

§      Ask God to show you what he wants you to pray about

§      Think about all you know about your people of peace, your community and networks of relationships

§      Think again about what God's blessing would look like on each of those people and situations, perhaps imagine Jesus walking up to your people of peace and having a conversation with them

§      Beg God to work miracles in their lives, especially that they may come to know him

§      Listen to what he may be calling you to do

§      Respond by singing, laughing, crying, writing, drawing, lighting a candle, sending a text message or an email (or even a letter!), making a phone call, visiting . . .

God bless,