Sunday 22nd March, 2015

Welcome to everyone joining us for our Tate Street Cluster gathering this morning at St Matt's. As the name suggests, we will focus on our ministry at our local Primary School and especially pray with thanks for God is doing at the school and the various challenges we have been made aware of.

During this past week we had a Parish Council meeting at which we were able to discuss some money we sent to the school as part of our mission giving. I spoke with the Principal, Terry Scott, who informed me that some of the money has already been put to good use by the Student Welfare Officer for things like uniforms and books, as well as pay for some excursions for a couple of students who might have missed out otherwise.

As Parish Council last year, we approved the sending of $1000 to be used in this manner throughout the year, at the discretion of the Principal. After last week's meeting, I have also been able to assure him that if he has any other specific needs during the year that he should feel free to approach us and we will do our best to meet them.

The Parish Council also felt that perhaps some of the congregation may sense that God is specifically calling them to see this kind of mission giving as a focus for their own additional offerings. In which case, I invite you to think and pray about if that might be you, and if so, to make any such special offerings using either a clearly marked envelope in the offering box, or even better, via a bank deposit to our church account with "Tate Street" in the reference. Please feel free to discuss this with me or Lesley Spurr further if you wish.

This week sees the launch of our new website at which I hope to give you a glimpse of during our gathering today.  Feel free to make any comments via the "contact us" section on the website!

One of the things advertised on the site is our upcoming Alpha course.                      

God bless,   Ian.