Sunday, 22nd February, 2015.

Hello and welcome to everyone reading this. We’re just a couple of weeks from going “live” on our new website hence the change in title to “Vicar’s Blog”. As soon as we have it up and running I’ll be able to show it to you via our fancy new TV, so you’ll know what I’m talking about then!

This is our fourth week of the new program of services and this week we’ll be focussing on the Ministry done by the Tate Street Cluster which is led by Lesley Spurr – it’s a blue day today . . .

As there’s no 5th Sunday in February, we won’t get to experience that until March – but they say expectation is 2/3 of the enjoyment anyway . . .

Sadly, it’s my duty to report the very sudden passing of Bishop Barbara Darling. She had a stroke about two weeks ago, and then died at about 11:30 last Sunday. Her funeral is today at 5pm at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. She had only just begun her Long Service Leave leading up to her retirement. She was a great student of Church History and especially the Church in Australian Society and was always very interested and supportive of what we were doing here at St Matt’s. She will be greatly missed.

In other changes, Marilyn Slade will only be staffing the office on Friday mornings between 9:30-12:30. (This allows her to better help Andrew in their business earlier in the week). This means that it is vital for any inclusions for the Notice Sheet to be on her desk by Thursday. If you wish to leave a note or message at other times, by far the easiest method is to leave a message on the church answering machine. (This gets converted to an email which is collected by Maz, or me, usually within 24 hrs). In fact, any messages are best delivered as emails, although a note in the letterbox will also work. As usual, any urgent pastoral matters should be directed either to me or to Jeanenne Thomas, (our newly licensed Lay pastoral worker!)

God bless,     Ian.