Sunday, 1st March, 2015.

Welcome to everyone joining us for Playgroup Church today! As the name suggest, our informal gathering will have as its focus young children and their families - but people of all ages are welcome!

I took the Rev Peter Crawford out to lunch on Thursday to thank him for his support and mentoring over many years. He has been the Vicar of St Mark's Emerald for close to 35 years and is due to retire in a couple of weeks. He has been praying for all of us for some time and was thrilled to hear how our new service program was going.

Not so long back he counselled me to think of our church as still in transition and today when we met he was encouraging me to keep planning for growth! I remarked that he was one of three "Peters" who had been influential in my development as an Anglican priest, the other two being Peter Adam and Peter Corney - both of whom also had very long-term ministries in their parishes. (There was even another Peter - Swane. He was the first Vicar I worked with and for and he was awesome also!)

We wondered together if there was anyone from my generation who would stay that long - perhaps I'll get to 14 first and then think about whether it could be me! (It'll be ten years later this month . . .)

In other news, at long last I think we're ready to have an Alpha course again at St Matt's. The Wardens and I have agreed that now is the time so this is advance notice that we will run Alpha in second term, (ie immediately after Easter - Early April, probably of an evening, including coffee and dessert).


It is a ten week introduction to the Christian faith so you should come if: you've never done it before; it's so long since you did it last time that you can't remember anymore; your Person of Peace would like to come but won't know anyone else. In fact NOW would be the perfect time to start praying about who you can invite!

God bless,   Ian.