Sunday 1st November, 2015

Welcome to everyone joining us for Playgroup Sunday! I expect we’ll have a lot of fun today with the young children in our midst as we share God’s presence and some fellowship with other believers – along with some yummy food for lunch! I really look forward to hearing what folk think about the bible reading each week and if you’d like to talk further about anything you hear discussed today, please don’t hesitate to catch up with me while we’re in the same room or make an appointment to see me during the week.

We have our Annual Meeting coming up in two weeks time, Sunday 15th November, (straight after the service over coffee in the Hall), which means it’s time to do a number of things:

1.       Check the electoral roll to make sure you’re on it! If not, and you’d like to be, please fill in an application form so we can make that happen. (You can’t vote, nominate anyone or be nominated yourself if you’re not on the roll.)

2.       Consider whether you’d like to stand for one of the positions available:

a.       Warden

b.      Parish Councillor

c.       Incumbency Committee

3.       If you would like to, it’s best if you have a serious chat with either me and/or one of the existing Wardens (Chris Crook, Jeanenne Thomas & Michael Sullivan) to check your suitability and requirements.

4.       If you are going to either nominate someone else, or be nominated yourself, you need to get the appropriate form in by next Sunday morning , 8th November, at the latest – mid week would be better!

At the meeting we will:

·         Receive the minutes from last years’ meeting

·         Receive the reports from this year (copies will be available from next Sunday),               including:

o   Progress on the Mission of the Church

o   Financial reports

·         Appoint the Auditor for the coming year

·         Elect new Wardens,  Parish Councillors & Incumbency Committee, if required

·         Receive an updated Electoral Roll

·         Any items of general business which have been received by next Sunday, 8th                     November.

As we try to keep you up to date during the year there will be no particular surprises and we should get done relatively quickly.

But this does not mean that the meeting is unimportant. Actually, it is a proper form of accountability both internally at St Matt’s and within the wider Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. It is even more so, an opportunity to give thanks to God, formally, for all that he is doing amongst us – which is substantial! Do come if you can - you are both welcome and important to the process.

God bless,  Ian.